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Affordable & Accessible

Apis Mercantile is a company based on honesty and good intentions.  

We try to live like the bees because that’s just the right thing to do; spread good wherever you go. 

We believe CBD should be easily accessible to everyone, so we work hard to keep our products as affordable as possible. 

Why CBD Honey?

We want to allow people to easily incorporate CBD into their daily routine.  

It goes well in coffee, tea, toast, smoothies and so much more!

Lab Results

It is very important to us to provide only top-quality CBD products, which is why we provide 3rd party lab results for all of our products. 

Who we are

Apis Mercantile is the premier purveyor of CBD products infused with ingredients from bees for additional benefits. Founded by bee-keeping friends, John and Liam in 2017.

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Featured Product

1,000 mg CBD Full-Spectrum Tincture
1,000 mg CBD Full-Spectrum Tincture

1,000 mg CBD Full-Spectrum Tincture

Our Hemp Tincture contains 1,000 mg of CBD.  We use a CO2 Extracted Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, MCT Oil from coconut, and propolis.  With a full cannabinoid profile, this tincture retains an earthy flavor with beneficial cannabis terpenes. Rich in CBD, this tincture can be taken sublingually or applied as a topical solution.

Propolis, often called "bee glue," is made by mixing beeswax with saps and resins collected from plants.  Used to seal gaps in the hive as well as provide structural integrity, propolis has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Size: 30 mL

Concentration: 1,000 mg CBD

Ingredients: CO2 Extracted Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, MCT Oil (from coconut), propolis

1000mg Full-Spectrum Tincture Third Party Lab Results

Heavy Metals / Pesticide Third Party Lab Results