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4 New Things We're Doing in 2019

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New year, new things for Apis Mercantile! Last year, we developed new products, went to new places and got a whole lot of new people hooked on our delicious CBD honey. If this year is anything like 2018, we’ve only just gotten started! Here are a few teasers of what we have in store for 2019.

We’re expanding our body care line

It’s no secret: CBD and the skin go hand in hand! Last year, we released a luxurious CBD beeswax salve. This moisturizing salve, made with beeswax, coconut oil and olive oil, created a lot of positive buzz within the Apis Mercantile tribe, but we know that one skincare product isn’t enough for our friends who love to pamper. That’s why in 2019, we’ll be releasing even more body care products. Plenty of new skin care products are currently in the works, so be sure to keep and eye out for their releases!

We’re adding a subscription service

We totally get it! You’re super busy, and it can be hard for you to remember to order your CBD honey. We created an online subscription service for busy bees who don’t want to run out of stock. The reorder intervals are set by you and can be paused or cancelled at any time. Choose between one, two, three or four month intervals, and a new jar of CBD honey will arrive at your doorstep just when you need it. Best of all, when you order with our subscription service, you save 10% on your recurring orders!

We’re going to travel even more

Did you catch us in person in 2018? If not, you’ll probably get your chance to do that this year! Last year, we brought our team and products to the Yoloha Yoga Factory, the Carolina Surf Film Festival and even the Boston Freedom Rally. We want to meet more of you, so we’ve got plans to make travel an even bigger priority in 2019. Our next big event is the Lowcountry Hemp Festival on April 20 in Charleston, South Carolina. Meet us there to celebrate all things hemp and CBD!

We’re going to be in more stores

We know how important it is that you have your favorite CBD honey flavor as close to you as possible, so look out for us at your local CBD retail shop! In 2018, we supplied our CBD honey to over 40 stores across the nation, and we want to grow even more in 2019.

Would you like to see Apis Mercantile products on the shelves of your local CBD shop? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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