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How to Get Your Parents into CBD

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If your parents are anything like mine, they’ve heard about CBD, but they haven’t tried it. Maybe they’re afraid to try something different, or maybe they just don’t understand it. Luckily, they have you! And after you read these simple steps, you’ll be ready to introduce your parents to CBD in no time.

1. Be prepared to debunk misinformation

There’s a whole lot of misinformation floating around about CBD, and chances are your parents have bought into a lot of it. When bringing up CBD to your parents, make sure you’re prepared with the facts. Let them know that the trace amount of THC in CBD is non-psychoactive – CBD will not get them high. Remind them that CBD is both safe and legal. Share the specifics of how CBD has impacted your life in a positive way and that you think it will do the same for them too.

2. Show a little compassion

Between work, family and obligations, your parents, like most Americans, have plenty to be stressed about. It can be difficult seeing people you love wearing themselves thin, so be gentle! Let your parents know that you’d love to see them healthy and relaxed, not stressed out to the max. Whether you want to see your parents be less anxious, sleep better or simply be in a brighter mood, CBD is something that might help them.

3. Highlight the positives

There are countless reasons why people use CBD, and it’s your job to outline why more and more people are using CBD every day. Tell them about the many benefits of CBD: it may help with anxiety, insomnia, appetite, mood, chronic pain and so much more.

4. Ease them into it

There are a variety of ways to ingest CBD, but oils and tinctures might not be the best “baby step” solution. CBD honey is an excellent product for those dipping their toes in the water. Your parents are already familiar with honey, and CBD honey’s versatility is an approachable (and delicious!) solution for CBD first-timers.

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